School Omega Solutions Audit & Reporting Tool

Our Audit and Reporting Tool is complex, and sometimes trying to comprehensively explain it over the phone can be difficult for you to truly visualise how the software can help your school. To help you understand the software that we offer, we have popped below some screenshots of some key screens for you to browse through. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact with us and one of our members of staff will be able to talk you through the software and arrange a suitable time to go through a live demo with you.  

The Login Screen

Log into your schools platform to view and amend information about your performance and targets. 

The Dashboard Screen

Here you can see an overview of your school’s performance and produce reports for SIAMS and OFSTED. 

The Statement RAG Index Screen

View a breakdown of each Statement and the relevant RAG rating assigned to each one. 

The Statement RAG Entry Screen

Enter your RAG rating for each statement, to monitor performance and performance history. 

The Report Generation Screen

A screenshot showing the report generation screen enabling you to select the information that you would like to view. 

Example Report Screen

An example report produced from the system.

Would you like to run through a live demo of the software with a member of staff?

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