Ofsted Inspection Report​

During my Ofsted inspection this year the inspector reported:

The school’s rich curriculum provides valuable opportunities to enhance pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Pupils’ enthusiasm is sparked by interesting activities, such as outdoor learning and sport. Most pupils persevere when learning is tricky, and they enjoy working in groups as well as independently. Every parent who responded to Ofsted’s online survey would recommend the school.’

Teachers know their pupils well and have positive relationships with them. Teaching covers a full range of subjects and often interests and motivates pupils. Good teaching is enabling pupils to become reflective, resilient and self-assured learners.’

The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. The wider curriculum offers much to children and pupils in their development as young responsible citizens. Keeping bodies and minds healthy is central to the school’s approach.’

The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils are valuable ambassadors for the school. They are welcoming and courteous and keen to discuss their work because they are interested in their learning. Pupils are motivated to learn and make the most of the activities on offer. Pupils demonstrate positive attitudes to learning.’

As a result, pupils are caring and respectful towards others.’

There has been a three-year upward trend in pupils’ attainment in reading, writing and mathematics. In 2018, pupils’ attainment at key stage 2 increased markedly in reading, writing and mathematics.’

Pupils with SEND make good and sometimes excellent progress because additional teaching helps these pupils to catch up. Pupils are developing greater confidence, and this is enabling them to engage positively in their learning across a full range of subjects.’

pupils make strong progress because of the carefully tailored teaching they receive.’

Leaders are very knowledgeable and have a strong grasp of how children learn.’

Adults form warm and caring relationships with children, which ensures that children feel safe and valued. Children know that adults will help them and, as a result, they are confident to explore and find things out for themselves.’

Leaders and teachers provide strong care and support. Pupils thrive in their social and emotional development.’