The QFES system offers as much support and training as you need.

Whether that is IT training and support for the Audit Reporting Tool, regular Ofsted updates or practical training to help your staff think and teach differently; we’re here to help you.

When you buy the Quality First Education System you will receive training on how to navigate the site and how to make the most of everything it has to offer. This is included in the price and can be carried out in person or remotely, depending on where you are and what you would prefer.

If you require additional support or training to disseminate this to the SLT or teaching staff, perhaps during inset training days, this is chargeable at £300 per half day.

Learn to teach differently.

As teachers, we have spent years attending training programmes to learn how to deliver a literacy hour, a numeracy hour, or have our children quiet on the carpet while we talk at them. We have spent years being taught to teach in a way that can no longer deliver what our children need. We know that teaching to the test doesn’t work. And that adding more and more literacy and numeracy can turn them off learning.
It’s time to stop teaching and time to facilitate learning.

We don’t want our children to simply remember facts, we want them to understand why things are the way they are. We want children with enquiring minds, children that want to learn things, rather than just be told the answer. It takes courage to step back and let the child find the answer for themselves. It’s time consuming, but they learn a lot better.

Teachers need to be trained to approach lessons in a completely different way. They need to do a lot less talking and a lot more listening. But for this to work they need to ask quality, purposeful questions. Questioning is the key to getting a child learning how to think. We’re teaching them to become thinkers, not rememberers.

Why aren’t all schools using this? Why have we never done this before?

Diocese Advisor

How do we know they are learning?

The curriculum is delivered in a different way. It involves less talking and more listening, and this ethos carries through to assessing the childrens’ learning. We train teachers to ask the right questions and be more observant. No more marking – it’s  not necessary. Even Ofsted recognises this now. Instead, children are assessed through careful questioning, watching and listening.


Bespoke training that reflects your community.

The culture and ethos of every school is different. Every school and every community has its own identity and traditions and these differences should be celebrated. Our bespoke teacher training will enable you to put together a project based curriculum that reflects the culture, ethos, location and heritage of your school.


Can I implement QFES without training?

Of course. You may just want to buy the Quality First Education System, use the Audit Reporting Tool to cut down on your admin and feel your way around the project based teaching philosophy. That’s fine. HOWEVER, in order to effectively move towards green ratings across the National and Character Curriculum, you will almost certainly need to review how you teach; there simply aren’t enough hours in the school day otherwise.

If you’re a new Headteacher and a little nervous, or an established Head but feel you could use more support, no problem. One of our trainers (all ex-Teachers or Headteachers) will be available to help you with a step-by-step guide and support to deliver your inset teacher training. We can even do it for you if you’d prefer. Our trainers can supply example projects to get your teachers thinking along the right lines. They will then follow up to make sure that the project based curriculum is embedding, having impact and you are on track to achieve your goal to GET MORE GREEN.

Training and Support in a nutshell

  • Bespoke training at all levels.
  • Sample projects to get you started.
  • Video webinar support
  • IT support
  • Admin support
  • Regular Ofsted updates on all frameworks.
  • Ensure compliance and be Ofsted ready.
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