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What is the Quality First Education System?

The Quality First Education System (QFES) is built around a new approach to how we teach the National Curriculum; giving our children a whole different learning experience. We don’t want our children to simply remember facts, we want them to understand why things are the way they are using metacognition and engagement. We want children with enquiring minds, children who want to learn rather than just be told the facts. QFES makes this possible. And through its project based teaching philosophy, children have the time to develop the characteristics they need to become lifelong learners.

  • Does QFES cover the objectives of the National Curriculum? YES.
  • Does QFES  instil the characteristics required by the Character Curriculum. YES.
  • Will QFES help your school to get more green ratings on its way to becoming ‘Outstanding’. ABSOLUTELY

Teaching the Character Curriculum

The new Ofsted framework is clear – instead of just teaching children the National Curriculum objectives, we need them to learn the characteristics required to become strong, independent thinkers. We have to work more on resilience and well-being. We need to teach them to self-nurture and nurture others, manage their own feelings and the feelings of others, and tell you where they are within their own mental health. And your curriculum should reflect your community, its needs and desired outcomes.

So, how do we go about this…?

The Audit Reporting Tool

At the core of the Quality First Education System sits the Audit Reporting Tool. After all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. And whether you adopt the entire QFES system or not, the Audit Reporting Tool (ART) will give you an in depth view of your school’s performance across the spectrum of curriculum objectives, character curriculum, CPD, leadership, well-being and mental health. It will identify what you are doing well, but more importantly where you need to improve.

You may find your school isn’t where you thought it was, but the ART will help you to get more green ratings on your way to becoming “Outstanding”.

Training, Support & Updates

The culture and ethos of every school is different. Every school and every community has its own identity, traditions and culture and these differences should be celebrated. Our bespoke teacher training will enable you to put together a project based curriculum that reflects the culture, ethos, location and heritage of your school. 

Whether you need IT support for the Audit Reporting Tool, or practical training to help you and your staff to think differently and teach differently; we’re here to help.

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